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1500mg Body Armor Pain and Inflammation Xfreeze Cream

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There is nothing more frustrating than having to deal with pain! It slows down your life, it makes you feel cranky, it gives you that depressed state of mind. You don't need that. When you work out, we all know that a good exercise regimen can leave us sore and achy for a day or two! You feel the burn, and the burn sometimes can smoulder and smoke for longer than it has to.       

Extinguish the burn with Body Armor. This cream is specially formulated with the cooling power of CBD and a hint of methanol to bring that inflammation and pain out and snuff it, leaving you relaxed and able to comfortably move once again. Studies have shown the power of CBD in helping to alleviate pain and allowing people to enjoy more active and fulfilling lives, and this product is perfect for post-workout relief of sore joints and tired, aching muscles.

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