Why our Isotonic ISO-OPC is better than it's top competitor.

We developed our isotonic OPC powder to be more powerful than the competitors because we believe more is better. 30% more to be exact. When we developed ISO-OPC antioxidant powder, we also took steps to use more customer-friendly packaging. Sure, a space capsule shaped bottle is cute, but not very practical. I don't know about you. but trying to empty powder in a small cap at 6 o'clock in the morning is a challenge to many people. When you pay $70.00 plus another $7.00 for shipping for a supplement, spilling it on the kitchen counter is not a good use of your money. We have a wide mouth bottle and handy measuring scoop for our isotonic OPC powder because it is easier to get to the powder that way. This is much easier than using a tiny bottle cap to measure. That tiny cap is a real pain as time goes on. It becomes a magnet for humidity. Every time you pour your powder in it, it gums up a little more. Soon, there is not a good seal on the tiny bottle mouth. Then, it's "Come on in" to humidity, thus the clumping starts. Also it is easier to get any clumps out if there is to much humidity in the air (in humid areas, clumping can occur in the bottle). We put a lot of thought and practicality into our packaging. We pride ourselves on customer satisfaction as well. If a client calls up with a concern about our ISO-OPC, we work with them to resolve whatever issue they may have. We have an 800 # so you can call us at (866-447-6672) our expense, not yours. If your issue can not be resolved, we will refund your purchase-no questions asked.We would hope you would tell us what your concern was. We don't have a distributor, who has to call his up-line manager, who has to call his manager. We handle it. Period.

We have a real one-on-one relationship with our clients. We are here everyday to help with whatever product concern you may have. Sure, we take orders on-line, but we have our telephones staffed by real people that are there to take your order or concern. We have clients that have been using our isotonic OPC powder for over 14 years. Many will buy a years supply of our isotonic OPC powder at a time to save even more money. Oh yeah, I forgot to mention, we do have volume discount pricing (as low as $29.00 per bottle). As far as quality and purity are concerned, our isotonic OPC powder is tops. It is manufactured in highly certified and regulated facility in the USA.

 I would hope the other Multi-level marketing companies out there do as well. We list these certifications prominently on our home page. We take our customers safety and health very seriously.