Saratoga Supplements Auto-Ship and SAVE Program

We have the easiest and least complicated "Auto-Ship Program Available today.You DO NOT store your credit card data. Here is how it works-

When you order your Saratoga Supplements product there is an option to click a box that allows you to subscribe for auto-ship. This will give you an instant discount as well as give you future auto ship orders discounted as well.

You can pick the order frequency that is right for you. If that changes, you can easily reset to a better time, or suspend/cancel your auto-shipments with no penalty for canceling.

The best part is that you DO NOT STORE A CREDIT CARD!!
When your order is almost due, you will receive an email from us says it is time. You can then enter your credit card info and complete your order. If you are not ready, you can make whatever change you wish.

We believe that more choices and security is the best way to go.



Pat Baker
Saratoga Supplements LLC