OPC Antioxidants To fight Fatigue

Have you ever wondered why you can use OPC antioxidants to fight fatigue?

Well let me give you an easy to understand analogy. I believe OPC antioxidants to fight fatigue get there seemingly magic powers by neutralizing free radicals that are attacking and damaging the mitochondria in your body. Mitochondria are the small power generators in your body. The free radicals damage them slightly by stealing an oxygen molecule from the healthy mitochondria. Once it's damaged it can't produce the energy you want. The free radicals are given that extra faux oxygen atom that they they need. Then the free radical is happy and the mitochondria can begin repairing itself to the point where it is producing 100% of it's energy again.

Thus you suddenly feel like you have a burst of energy. It's really your body getting back to operating normally. It IS magic, just like everything else that our bodies do for us.

If you want the energy that you COULD have, try our OPC Products and see the difference.

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