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I was pleasantly surprised!!

My wife came up with the idea of me taking a health drink daily. I did it to make her happy and after about 6 days it was like somebody turned on the "let's, get on that Honey-Doo list" energy. I love it and plan to continue doing so. Glad to see you have volume pricing. I love it when a great deal gets greater.

Glad to hear you are pleased. We also give a referral bonus if you refer a new customer to us.

Saratoga Supplements

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Works as promised

I started out on a different OPC product then started shopping aro9und for a cheaper product. Then I found ISO-OPC and tried it out. More thgan half the price, more antioxidants and tasted way better. It's was a NO Brainier.
Thanks Saratoga Supplements.

The ISO-OPC is beyond awesome. The company is even BETTER!!

I've known Pat Baker, the President of Saratoga Supplements ever since I tried ISO-OPC in the summer of 2005. I have ordered it regularly ever since. I got to know Pat from the first order. I know a great deal about Pat, but I have never met him in person. I was there when he had his liver transplant in 2010. I and hundreds of his customers prayed for his recovery. We have heard of the "NEW" grand babies that have come his way. It's like I am talking to a good friend every-time I call.
THIS is a big part of why we trust Saratoga Supplements with our health products that have worked marvelously over the near 20 years of business.
Thanks again Pat for all you have done over the years.

Bob, Than you for the most kind words. The fact is, I consider my customers as "my friends". i do care about what is going on with them. I am not embarrassed to say that I have prayed for all of them at one time or another.
We like doing business the old fashion way. One to one service as much as possible.
Have a great summer!!
Pat Baker
Grand Pooh-Pah
Saratoga Supplements

- Saratogasupplements

Taking this product for over 17 years now.

I first tried your ISO PC, in 2005. I could see a difference in how I felt as soon as I started taking it. Over the next year, I spoke with Pat Baker the owner several times and he was always more than helpful and whatever my questions were or whatever I needed. Since that time, my three children are using the product and my grandchildren as well. I'm a farmer by trade, and I work very hard every day. My ISO-OPC has kept me as healthy as I've ever been. I don't get colds, I don't get the flu, I just take common sense precautions and make sure I take my ISO-OPC Daily. Thanks for all that you've done of the last almost 20 years. You always provided a consistent power-packed product to keep me healthy.

I feel good

I can tell the difference already and I just started taking this I have just ordered the B complex as my family has always gone with the isotonics but this is much more reasonably priced and just as good if not better. I have shared with several people that I know because this is very helpful especially during the times were in

Thanks Rozette for the review. We strive to have the most powerful products at the most reasonable prices. Enjoy the good health!!
Warmest regards,

Pat Baker
Saratoga Supplements

I loved your Family picture

I see your photo Pat!
Goodness, you have not changed a bit in all these 20 years.
I have gotten my family onto your products and my daughter, Maria, even orders some OPC for me.
I have taken your OPC for years and still feel great/healthy at 81!!
Stay well!

Thanks for the words of support Nancy. Your ISO-OPC keeps your immune system running at an optimum to keep your entire system running in harmony. You are a good friend as well as customer.
Pat Baker

- Saratogasupplements

Thanks to our great customers that believe in US!

I want to thank a loyal customer in Port St Lucie Florida {Jeff Q }for referring our ISO-OPC antioxidant powder to a colleague of theirs. It's times like this that are really gratifying to us. Thanks for the trust in us and our brand.
Please enjoy the $10.00 credit we just emailed you, towards a future order.
Any other customers that would like to refer a friend should give us a call and learn more. 704-223-7401
Pat Baker


I swear I will never again let my family run out of ISO-OPC again. I will be signing up for the automatic delivery option.
Of course no one told me we would have a pandemic. So I FORGOT and it won't happen again (Dear:-)
I was happy to see that your company had stocked up for just this event.
One more thing. I love the new look and bottle. It looks like the ISO-OPC when you mix it in the morning. The newly improved taste is more like a fine wine than an antioxidant. Bravo

Great taste, even better results!!

I was struggling with low energy and high blood pressure. My ISO-OPC started working energy-wise in about 5 days. Whoa..what a difference. My blood pressure was improved to 'Normal in two weeks. I will never stop taking this stuff. Thanks Saratoga Supplements!

Great results!! Thanks

An excellent product but I do think its a little too pricey since its a product I will recommend to be taken continuously. I am on my second bottle and I am already experiencing the benefits in my joints and also in my entire health.

ISO-OPC- consistant success with my health.

My daughter and I have been taking this every morning for going on 6 years now. It has been is so helpful to our good health, we would not start the day without it. Nocold or sick for years now. for years. Helps with energy as well. Taking this in the morning is just part of our routine to start the day. Well worth the price. Price is the same now as it was in 2014. Same great product with an rich concord grape flavor. Pat Baker is an awesome guy to work with too. Always easy to deal with.

I have LOVED my ISO-OPC since 2004

Thea product is UNBELIEVABLE but the company itself is a "One of a Kind' place I trust for my health solutions with. You can' find a better product for all around health support. Thanks Saratoga Supplements for bringing this product to the country.

Thanks for the vote of confidence.
Pat Baker

- Saratogasupplements

I have LOVED my ISO-OPC since 2004

Their product is UNBELIEVABLE but the company itself is a "One of a Kind' place I trust for my health solutions with. You can't find a better product for all around health support. Thanks Saratoga Supplements for bringing this product to the country.

Thanks for the vote of confidence.
Pat Baker