Compare Isotonic OPC products

Compare isotonic OPC productsCompare isotonic OPC products


Here we Compare isotonic OPC products to demonstrate that we have 30% more than the leading MLM brand


ISO-OPC with C&E

  The "Other OPC"  
Ingredients amount Ingredients amount

Grape seed extract

35 Grape seed extract 25
Red Wine Extract 40 Red Wine Extract 30
Pine Bark Extract 35 Pine Bark Extract 25
Bilberry Extract 35 Bilberry Extract 35
Citrus Bioflavanoids 35 Citrus Bioflavanoids 25
Potassium Bicarbonate 200 Potassium Bicarbonate 93
Natural Grape Flavor YES Natural Grape Flavor No
Vitamin C 10 Vitamin C 0
Vitamin E 5 Vitamin E 0

Diabetic Friendly (Glucose FREE)**


Diabetic Friendly (Glucose FREE)**

Fructose YES Fructose YES
Total OPCs/Bioflavanoids 180 Total OPCs/Bioflavanoids 130
Isotonic YES Isotonic YES

Other Ingredients- Citric Acid and silicon Dioxide

  Other Ingredients-Citrus, Maltodextrins, Calcium Sulphate, Silica and Pectin  
Boosts immune system Yes Boosts immune system YES
Powder Form Yes Powder Form YES
Taste Pleasant Natural Grape Taste Tart/Sour
Price As Low as $30.00per bottle/Zero shipping on orders over $100.00
Price $64.95/
$7.50 shipping
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**Glucose can spike the sugar levels in Diabetics. We use a slower acting Fructose instead for our product.

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