Resveratrol Red Red Wine Lozenges (90 ct) by Highland Labs

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Product Description

Red Red Wine Resveratrol 90 ct is a proprietary blend of resveratrol and whole red grape extract. A potent combination of nutrients that provide all the benefits of red wine without the alcohol, RRWR joins our condition specific Single Bottle Solutions product line.
These sub-lingual tablets are a pleasant grape flavor and dissolve and are absorbed directly into your system without ever going though your stomach.
1-2 lozenges a day are equal 2-4 glasses of red wine without the alcohol. A study indicates that keeping a resveratrol lozenge in your mouth for 60 second increases absorption 250 times over swallowing regular resveratrol tablets or capsules.
We will be packaging this product in our Earth Friendly corn-based bottles with recycled paper labels and soy ink print.

Supplement Facts
Serving Size: 1 Vegetarian Lozenge
Amount Per Serving         %DV†
Red Wine Extract (from Vitus virafera) (standardized to 5.0% trans-resveratrol, contains 1.25 mg trans-resveratrol)     25 mg     *

† - % Daily Value * - Daily Value Not Established

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