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Tips on taking ISO-OPC and dosing suggestions

Posted by Pat Baker on

On behalf of Saratoga supplements, I would like to welcome you as well as thank you for the ISO-OPC order. I know you will love it just like the thousands that have benefited from it since 2004 when we first introduced it. If you would like to know how we got started on this adventure, click here I wanted to give you some suggestions about taking your ISO-OPC powder daily. As far as how much do you take, 1 scoop (included in the bottle) of powder with 2 ounces of water is needed for every 150lbs of body weight. If...

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How I got started with OPC's

Posted by Bold Apps on

In 2001, I was recovering from chemo treatments when a relative of mine sent me a product to see if it could help me get back on my feet. Long story short, the product (a popular OPC product) was really effective, but cost me a fortune to buy ($70 dollar plus with shipping).  A year later, I embarked on a mission to spread the message of "OPC's" to the world. Investing my retirement to get started, I sourced the best formulators and manufacturers, so  I could to produce my own product. That was in 2004 and we are still going...

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