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Tips on taking ISO-OPC and dosing suggestions

Posted by Pat Baker on

On behalf of Saratoga supplements, I would like to welcome you as well as thank you for the ISO-OPC order. I know you will love it just like the thousands that have benefitted from it since 2004 when we first introduced it. If you would like to know how we got started on this adventure, click here I wanted to give you some suggestions about taking your ISO-OPC powder daily. As far as how much do you take, 1 scoop (included in the bottle) of powder with 2 ounces of water is needed for every 150lbs of body weight. If...

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Technology is making us SICK!!

Posted by Bee king on

WiFi is yet another source of Free Radicals I read a study last week on the effects of free radicals in our lives and where the sources were. Now I see a study that confirms that we have yet ANOTHER source of free radicals. WiFi is the NEWEST source that can't really be avoided.Now, just about every house or business have WiFi in their living or working environment.This is not a dreadful finding. It is merely one more thing to be aware of.The good news for you ISO-OPC users out there is that those free radicals can be neutralized. My...

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Your Health and Antioxidants

Posted by Pat Baker on

If you're real serious about your well-being and need to stay fit for the remainder of your life we've got the most suitable info and discounts for you on various health solutions. Heart health is something which everybody should strive for, and with some rather basic steps, you can better the wellness of your heart through the usage of various supplements and Bio-superfood. Thus, it's not so harmful to health. Great health is the main catalyst to longer living. Because holistic mental wellness is still a new field, lots of people are not certain of how to seek out treatment...

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